Paolo Gallinaro was born in Naples – Italy – in June 1986. As a child, he developed a strong passion for the world of art and dreamed of becoming an artist. He has got soon the importance of a critical approach in the field of the Contemporary Art. That’s why, after the high school, Paolo has choosed to study Art History at the University of Salerno and at the University of Naples Federico II. Since 2014 the artist is also a freelance journalist who was for years in charge of revising the section dedicated to Art of a local newspaper. Today Paolo Gallinaro works as educational operator and guide for the Vatican Museums. Surrounded by some of the greatest works of art, the artist has developed a own unique style which combines innovation and tradition together. His first exhibition, entitled Catholicism Wow, is indeed the first step of an artistic revolution which wants to underline as the comic strips and animated cartoons are basically the one true style of the XXI century.

The idea of ​​Paolo Gallinaro

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